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Services | Nicolas BERNARD-MASSON


“I believe that people make their own luck by great preparation and good strategy”

Jack Canfield

Re-visit your startegy, define your company goals and aims, reformulate your “why” and set-up the milestones along the path in order to reach the market position you are looking for.

The concept is to throw fresh and outside-the-box ideas to give you the extra push to catch new market shares. What capabilities you need to develop, what management change you should pursue, how to motivate your employees and what you must adapt in your structure to fit to the 21st century.

This module goes through various steps to think over together

  1. Auditing your company: what is the current situation?
  2. Market study: is the market growing? What will be the trend in 5 years? in 10 years?
  3. Competition analysis: what are the competitive advantages of the key players? What are they doing better? What are their weaknesses?
  4. Active brainstorming: rely on external opinions of a professional to help you think outside the box. Yet, your company isn’t my company, being involved at all time is the key.
  5. Precise recommendations: what do you need to improve? what do you need to continue? Setting up all the steps along the way to success.


Becoming global is essential to grow in a well-connected economy. Nonetheless, becoming global means adapting to local markets, being close to final customers with a different mindset, evolving in a different context of business law.

All these obstacles are hard to grasp and often represent the very first failures of entering a new market.

  1. Distribution network management
    • Identifying the right partners in the country
    • Auditing identified targets: what market shares they have? What is their internal structure? Can I trust them? Do they customers really like them?
    • Establishing distribution contracts to protect your company
    • Starting first deals
    • Recovering outstanding invoices
    • Improving revenues from partners: sales training, communication recommendations, local strategy to set up.
  2. Setting up your offices / factory abroad
  • Identifying the best location
  • Solliciting engineering firms and real estate agents
  • Contacting local Economic Development Agencies: finding land, financing your project
  • Building up your network of partners: lawyers, accountants, HR firms, local chamber of commerce…
  • Financing and reducing your taxes

Sales & Negotiations

Inceasing your sales and profits through providing sales agent services. Broaden your network of prospects and expand into new markets. This service requires a training with your team and at your facility.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. – Milton Berle

  • Targeting through online data collection, inside market information, phone calls and business intelligence
  • Direct prospection via multiple channels: tailor-made emails, prepared prospection calls, business recommendations, trade show visits and marketing tools
  • Negotiations to close the sales
  • Regular reporting and analysis to consistently adapt strategy on the market
  • Data collection from end-users in order to improve your approach and your products/services


Giving speeches about various topics with confidence, authenticity and connecting with the audience. Provide also external speakers.

Various topics:

  • Sales techniques and skills
  • Learn to speak in public & make tremedous presentations
  • How to increase your sales
  • Establish a branch office or factory in a foreign country
  • International sales: how to build your network of partners
  • Avoid failures in international / cross-cultural business