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Nicolas BERNARD-MASSON | International Business Development Agency


International Business Development Professional ResumeServices

Trust, hard work, persistency and efficiency are the four main elements of any great business together. It is the wind that pushes the sailboat of our relationship towards our common goals. With leadership as a compass, I promise we can go anywhere, even through the most tumultuous seas.


Business Development Enthusiast, Commercial Agency NBM

Philosophy & Vision

My company statement:

Make the world a better place by sky-rocketing sales of companies improving Human condition & our Planet.
Why? Because even people doing good need great fighters to kick doors and win battles for them.

In that sense, we are willing to give blood, sweat and tears to provide efficient and top notch support in Strategy, Internationalization, Direct & Indirect Sales, Speeches.

Our customers:

  • Medical (Medical devices, technology, health-related business…)
  • Environment (Green technologies, renewable energies, recycling, water pollution…)
  • Safety (Road safety, saving lifes technology, accident prevention devices, protection clothing…)
  • Education (Learning technologies, devices for school, business clothing…)



Building a strategy is essential when operating on global market

Get support to set your goals and crash them: find the right path, traget the best customers, avoid obstacles and win the race against your competitors.


Going global is not an easy job but yet required in this worldwide economy

With an international network of experts and successful experiences in distributor network management, we can wisely choose who to partner with on foreign markets and – when time will come – find the right place to set up your branches or factories.

Direct Sales

Hire a professional salesman to increase your sales abroad

Close sales and increase your profits by hiring services from a qualified specialist for BtoB and BtoC transactions.


Provide information to your key people and key customers

Expenrienced speaker on various topics such as internationalization, set-up your business in foreign country, how to increase your sales, etc…


Makes a difference on a team

“He is the kind of person who truly makes a difference on a team: dedicated, motivated, independent, customer focused and a real team player. […] I strongly recommend Nicolas for any international position!”

Wilfred H. Muskens
President & CEO at Stevens & Lee/Griffin International, LLC

Nicolas is a solid performer

“Nicolas is a solid performer. He tries hard on all tasks in order to succeed and does everything with a good attitude. He also is tricultural; he is French and Italian but fits in well in North America. […]”

David Briel
Executive Director, International Investment, Office of International Business Development

Hits targets in the timeline agreed

“Nicolas is a strategic thinker with excellent marketing skills – especially in cross cultural situations. He is able to manage multiple projects and systematically move each forward to hit targets in the timeline agreed. He is also a pleasure to work with and is always pleasant even under stress. I would him recommend highly.”

Steven Lanier
Managing Director, American World Services Corp

Expert network

“Thanks to his relevant expert network in USA, we could trust him to set up our meetings there, and we appreciated his professionalism through the quality of experts we met. It is important for a company that is going global to have someone that they can trust, that is reactive and listens during the follow-up of the project.
Nicolas perfectly met our requirements, and we are thankful for that.”*

*Translated from French
Emmanuel Pouzol
Co-CEO and Founder of Medic Global

Examplary follow-up

“He is someone dedicated, proactive and  delivers exemplary follow-up in any cases. Thanks to his international network, he facilitates the introduction to the right professionals for your project.”*

*Translated from French
Pascal Vansse
Director of Sales at Neyret Group

Result oriented

“Nicolas is a proactive, result oriented and responsible professional and convinced deeply with his splendid skills as a speaker. He has an exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and is always ready to put all his energy and time to get the job done.”

Christiane Winckler
Senior Consultant

Welcome business world !

This is my first post. Welcoming post to all visitors and businessman visiting my website. Hope you enjoy the tour. More to come soon...
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